TCU Daily Skiff Wednesday, March 31, 2004
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Dinner and a death?
‘Murder mystery’ to test Brachman residents
Brachman Hall residents will put their investigative skills to work during a murder mystery dinner theater.

A “murder” will soon take place in Pond Street Grill, and residents of Brachman Hall will be there to witness and try to solve it.

Brachman’s Hall Council is putting on a murder mystery dinner theater 7 p.m. Friday for an expected 50 to 60 Brachman residents, who will enjoy a four-course meal while viewing the theater show.

Murder rehearsal
Sarah Chacko/Photo Editor
Accusations fly when members of the Brachman Hall Council rehearse the final scene of a murder mystery dinner theater.
Disease still has high risk factors

The university does not require vaccination for meningitis, although doctors recommend students get it.
World famous flutist teaches master class

Renowned flutist attracts over 400 people from all over the country to TCU.
Escort to remove photo from site

The escort posing in a photograph as a cheerleader on the TCU brick name plate agreed Tuesday to take the picture off an escort service Web site.
House vote prohibits charitable donations

The House of Student Representatives gave more than $16,000 to two organizations last night.
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