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World famous flutist teaches master class
Renowned flutist attracts over 400 people from all over the country to TCU.

By Liddy Serio
Staff Reporter

Flute students and instructors from all over Texas came to hear the music of flutist Sir James Galway.

In a casual and humorous manner, Galway conducted a five-hour master class at Pepsico Recital Hall in Ed Landreth Auditorium, in which he spoke about different flute techniques and critiqued the performances of three flute students.

“It was fantastic,” said Erich Tucker, vice president of the Texas Flute Society, who sponsored the class. “He kept the audience’s attention. He’s the best in the world.”

For the first two hours, Galway offerred practical advice on subjects such as how to hold the flute and how to play with feeling. He frequently asked the entire audience to get out their flutes and play short exercises.

The remainder of the class was filled with performances by three flute students, which Galway critqued for the benefit of the entire audience. Performers had to apply and submit a recording for the competitive selection process, said Chris Hawkins, a flute student who works at TCU’s music office.

“The selectivity was pretty high,” Hawkins said. “It’s very prestigious because James Galway is so highly regarded.”

Kimberly Hudson, a graduate student at Texas Tech who performed, said she was honored to be chosen. Galway let her play most of her piece on his platinum flute.

“It was fantastic,” she said. “He was so direct and his hints were very helpful.”

Tucker, who organized the class, had the original idea in October of last year when he saw that Galway would be coming to Fort Worth to play in the Cliburn series at Bass Hall Tuesday night. Tucker sent an e-mail to Galway’s wife, asking if it would be possible for Galway to give a master class. He said he expected to be refused, since Galway very rarely does master classes.

“We still don’t know why he came,” Tucker said. “Over 400 people from all across the country came. We dreamed 40 people would come. We never dreamed it would be this big.”

Tucker said TCU was chosen as the venue because of Pepsico Recital Hall.

“We love the auditorium,” he said. “It reminds us of Epcot.”

After the class concluded, students and instructors alike rushed to the stage to get autographs and pictures taken with the world-famous flutist.

“We’re all in awe because he’s like a movie star to us,” said Kara Fortenberry, a flute student from Texas Tech. “We’ll have a lot to tell people when we get back.”

Sir James Galway
Sarah Chacko/ Photo Editor
Sir James Galway leads over 400 flute players in a short exercise during a master class Monday afternoon in the Pepsico Recital Hall.
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