TCU Daily Skiff Wednesday, March 31, 2004
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Dinner and a death?
‘Murder mystery’ to test Brachman residents
Brachman Hall residents will put their investigative skills to work during a murder mystery dinner theater.

By Kristy Cubstead
Staff Reporter

A “murder” will soon take place in Pond Street Grill, and residents of Brachman Hall will be there to witness and try to solve it.

Brachman’s Hall Council is putting on a murder mystery dinner theater 7 p.m. Friday for an expected 50 to 60 Brachman residents, who will enjoy a four-course meal while viewing the theater show.

This event will help fulfill Brachman’s requirement that they hold three programming events every semester.

Eight members of Brachman’s Hall Council will act out a murder set in the early 19th century, decked out in era-appropriate costumes and makeup. They’ll even speak in accents.

Ben Dalton, who will play Rog in the dinner theater, said he and the other members of hall council have been practicing once a week for about a month.

“We wanted to do this to build a better community in Brachman,” Dalton said.

Claire Sellers will play Florence Wing Brooks in the theater. She also said the hall council thought the murder mystery would be a fun way to bring together the Brachman community.

The event will cost approximately $500 and is free for residents right now, said Amber Sutor, Brachman’s head resident assistant. If the cost becomes more then their budget, students may be asked to pay a couple of dollars each.

The funding for the murder mystery will come from Brachman’s hall council budget. Every hall council receives a certain amount of money for every student it houses, which goes toward its hall council budget.

The dinner theater is only open to residents of Brachman this year. Sutor said if the event is a success, the hall may consider opening it up for all students next year.

“Everybody’s always wanted to do a murder mystery, and I think this will be a lot of fun for everybody involved,” Sellers said.
Murder rehearsal
Sarah Chacko/Photo Editor
Accusations fly when members of the Brachman Hall Council rehearse the final scene of a murder mystery dinner theater.
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