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SGA pays for legal advice
The Student Government Association provides a lawyer at no cost to students for consultation on topics ranging from traffic offenses to family law.

Dave Meyer, a freshman pre-major, said he saved $75 in legal fees by going to the lawyer provided free of charge by the Student Government Association.

Meyer went to see the lawyer, James B. Munford, after he got a ticket for going 93 mph in a 60 mph zone. Meyer said Munford explained his legal options and recommended that he ask the prosecutor for a smaller fine or driving probation.
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Alumni gather for history awareness
Members of the Black Alumni Alliance reflected on their college days.

Black Alumni Alliance members reminisced about their days at TCU, while encouraging students to utilize the resources on campus that weren’t available to them as students.
Cast and crew aim to bring life to new romantic comedy
A story written and directed by theatre faculty member T.J. Walsh will debut this week.

Theatre students are laughing, learning and bringing a vision to the stage Wednesday in “Melrose Stories.”
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Working for women

Air Force service society created

Center for Texas Studies to spread flag knowledge

Government can’t hold combatants
Human rights should be respected

The Supreme Court agreed last week to hear a case challenging President Bush’s self-assumed right to hold U.S. citizens without charge and without counsel simply by labeling them as “enemy combatants.”

The case in question, Rumsfeld v. Padilla, centers around one Jose Padilla from Chicago who was arrested after visiting Pakistan. The Bush administration maintains that he was part of a plot to commit terrorist attacks in the United States.

Not fair
Being forced to move out, find new place to live a hassle

Looking for an apartment can be a frustrating hassle. But looking for an apartment at a walking distance from campus, in the middle of the semester, during a cold winter afternoon, can make this hassle even more frustrating.
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All marriage licenses should be outlawed

Black History Month shouldn’t be ignored

Terror alert system not clear
Lady Frogs hopping along to end of season
Women’s basketball team beats DePaul, prepares to face Houston

With two home wins over the weekend, the Frogs control their own destiny in Conference USA.

Sunday afternoons are typically a time for rest.

For junior forward Sandora Irvin, Sunday afternoon was anything but restful. In fact, the only resting Irvin did against No. 12 DePaul was done by her sweat drenched No. 50 jersey, which was replaced with a dry and clean No. 20 jersey after blood stains and sweat left her with no choice but to switch jerseys.
Junior tandem shines in backcourt
The bond of two talented junior guards has the Frogs confident and looking forward to a bright future.

Corey Santee has a bold message for the other 13 basketball teams in Conference USA.
At 10-13 and 6-6 in C-USA, the Horned Frogs may currently be sitting in eighth place, but Santee says there isn’t a team in the conference with a better backcourt than the one he and Marcus Shropshire form.
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Streak ends with win over OSU

Lady Frogs to face C-USA powerhouses

Big win gives team boost
Review: Miracle on Ice
Disney’s take of Olympic hockey captures feelings of the time

Disney’s new movie “Miracle” is based on the true story of Herb Brooks and the 1980 U.S. Olympic team. All true hockey fans already know the story of “The Miracle on Ice,” even though it happened more than 20 years ago. To put that in perspective, only a few undergraduates were even born when this happened, but yet the story is still inspiring today.
Films depicting the presidency give various slants on White House ideals

The celluloid presidency: Hollywood’s spin on the White House.
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Spreading the love

Robert Carr Chapel presents ideal atmosphere for weddings

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