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Not sure what to get that someone for Valentine’s? Not sure if you should even get them something? Well, we’ve all been there. Here are some last minute, rest-assured ideas that will please him or her at any level of dating. Valentine’s has always been more important to women, so in light to that, more gift options are for them. But, guys, I haven’t left you out! While having a plan and being prepared is always the best bet, I know that’s not always the case. If you’re in a relationship, establish first if you are going to exchange gifts and second, what kind. It’s easy to say, “Let’s just do something small.” You want to have something comparable to each other’s gifts. If a girl gets her guy an expensive wallet and he just gets her flowers, she’ll be upset and he’ll feel bad. Just be sure both of you are on the same page. And guys, keep in mind that this gift will set the bar for each gift that follows. If you’re with someone you want to get more serious with, keep in mind that each gift after this is going to have to beat the one before. Start small and inexpensive if you can. She’ll appreciate it later.
Photos taken by Ty Halasz
Him to her: What to give
Him to her: What not to give
Robert Carr Chapel presents ideal atmosphere for weddings

Thirty minutes before a ceremony starts, guests start filing into the chapel accompanied by a joyous melody from the pipe organ.
Her to him: What to give
Her to him: What not to give
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