TCU Daily Skiff Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Frog Fountain
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Student Center needs renovation
The university offers no good place to meet people

Where do TCU students go to meet people, make friends and just hang out? If you’re thinking the Student Center, think again.

These days the Student Center has become more of a building where organizations have meetings and forums than a gathering place for students. The lounge is almost always occupied by tables or stages that may invite students to stop and stare but hardly evoke a participatory feeling, especially if talking politics or salsa dancing isn’t your cup of tea.
Editorial cartoon
Be sure not to just stay inside your ‘bubble’

Five years can do a lot to a person. From the idealistic freshman I was in 1999 to the senior less than a month away from a whole new world of reality, I know that I am not the person I was when I started.
Letter to the editor
AHO still planning Kenya trip

AHO wants to make it very clear that the trip to Kenya is not completely canceled.
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