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Homeland security funding too low
Cities in need of money for ‘first responders’

A recent survey released by the U.S. Conference of Mayors found that 76 percent of the 215 cities surveyed have yet to receive any of the $1.5 billion in federal homeland security funds designated for “first responder” teams such as police and fire departments.

More frightening, however, is that cities in the survey ranged from small cities with populations just over 12,000, to large cities such as New York City.
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Today’s topic: Roe v. Wade
Laws flawed, conflicting

Despite flaring emotions in America and a polarized debate on the issue, the case can be made against abortion without bringing religious beliefs into the argument. If you examine American law it is clear that the unborn are protected, meaning Roe v. Wade was an unfounded and unlawful decision. In American law, both unborn children and their mothers have rights that must lead one to conclude that a fetus is a human being.
Abortion debate has shades of gray

“You’re either with us, or against us.” Humans have always limited the possibilities of choice by creating a two-sided argument. Fear and Love. Good and Evil. Peacetime and Wartime. Pro-life and pro-choice. The fact of the matter is that there exists a myriad of positions one can take in any argument, but we as humans like our issues black and white with no gray. The trouble is that most arguments occur in the uncertainty of the gray.
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Attack the idea, not people

Horoscopes don’t belong in Skiff
  Use your body for money, legally

I’m in debt.

I owe money to various companies such as the Gap, the Limited, Old Navy and Capital One.

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for 10 percent off.
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