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Use your body for money, legally

Jennifer Hall

I’m in debt.

I owe money to various companies such as the Gap, the Limited, Old Navy and Capital One.

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for 10 percent off.

And don’t get me started on the value of clearance merchandise. Who cares if it doesn’t fit right now? Next year — when I lose weight — it will. Besides, if the shirt is only $5, how can you pass that up?

It is this mentality that has gotten me and many of you in this situation.

At this point, with so many bills, I can barely afford to pay the minimums. My parents aren’t too happy about that so (and for those of you who are newly in debt, take my advice) I don’t tell them the extent to which I owe. It just makes everybody’s lives easier.

The point is, my job doesn’t pay enough, I spend way above my means (and yes, I have cut back and I’m just not willing to give up things like food or gas), and besides a tax refund coming soon I see no way out. So I decided to research alternative ways to get paid. Many of which involve your body.

And no, I am not talking about prostitution.

Although, one way to save money (not earn, but save) is to use your body for things like free drinks and food at bars. You can flirt with hosts to have them sit you at a good table instead of tipping, or you can use your power of persuasion to get discounts — “If I don’t get a Coke right now I’ll just die (lean over the counter) but I don’t have any money!” (lean some more).

Ways to earn money with your body include things such as donating plasma. IBR Plasma gives you $20 for your first donation and $30 for your second the first week you do it. (For those of you who are healthy, IBR is at 2520 Jacksboro Highway, (817) 625-4500).

Another quick money scheme is to be a model, if you’re hot.

If that doesn’t pan out you can always donate yourself to science. Just the other day I found a flyer in the Rec Center advertising a drug test study. Participants received $100 upon completion.

Another way is to auction body parts on E-bay to be tattooed with advertisements. James Nelson of Kansas City, Mo., auctioned the back of his head for $7,000. This might not be an option for those looking for something not so permanent.

Other ways to earn or save money without using your body include cheap or free haircuts at beauty school. Although, I wouldn’t recommend it if you value your hair.

A new way to make easy money is to sell your used ink cartridges. Titan Recycling International buys used and empty ink cartridges. Prices vary from $1 to $20 depending on the type of cartridge. (To see full list visit

The easiest way to earn money, though, is the old-fashion way. Get a job and save. But with the availability of great food, clothes, pedicures, etc., it’s harder than it looks.

Jennifer Hall is a junior advertising/public relations major from Kingwood.

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