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Wednesday, January 15, 2004
Frog Fountain
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SuperFrog is a super sellout
Nokia commercials hurt TCU’s Christian image

When SuperFrog appeared in television ads with notorious rapper Snoop Dogg during the Bowl Championship Series, TCU got the “Ultimate Bling” indeed: free publicity that reached into hundreds of millions of homes.

But it paid a hefty price for the bling-bling. It was not paid with the Benjamins, but rather the further erosion of the Christian values on which this university was founded.
Editorial cartoon
Money must be put into public schools, not taken

It seems that with every election, someone claims he or she is the champion of education. This year, schools have not gotten better — most areas are stagnant or have fallen in quality of education.
Public schools lack competition

No one can deny that our public school system is in trouble. Decreasing achievement, increasing violence, and general apathy seem to affect everyone involved. Parents tend to be uninvolved and students cynical about their prospects for success.
Your View
America will be better off with the current health care system

Brian Chatman’s column supporting national health care was built not only on faulty premises and half-truths, but satires the right with as much grace as an elephant in tights.
Trekkies utilized in new campaign

President Bush was concerned that his base of friends and billionaire supporters wouldn't be big enough to ensure victory in the upcoming election, so he assigned Karl Rove, the White House political director, to uncover ways to expand his popularity.
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