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Senior has big plans for future but must finish commitments

By Valery Ingley
Staff Reporter

Feleceia Benton has crammed more into her last three years at TCU than most college students have in the past 10 years. By the time many students roll out of bed and scramble to an 11 a.m. class in pajamas, Benton, a junior musical theater and advertising and public relations major, has been up for hours, either working at one of her four jobs or participating in one of her many organizations.

In fact, Benton never gets to leave work. For the past two years, she has served as a resident assistant in Moncrief Hall, a job she says feeds her desire to interact with people.

“I like people and I like to get to know people,” she said.

She said being an RA has shown her that sometimes interactions between people are not always peaceful. Occasionally, Benton has found herself in the middle of a roommate conflict.

During these skirmishes Benton has tried not only to remain objective, but also to listen.

In fact, it is her willingness to listen that Benton says she has most had to use as an RA.

“She will go out of her way to listen, console, or give advise to her friends,” said Bolu Odelusi, a junior criminal justice major and Benton’s friend of three years. “Whether that means staying up all night to talk to a friend, knowing she has a 10- page paper due.”

In addition, Benton says the most important part of being a good RA is knowing when to communicate with people and when to step back.

Being easy to find sometimes becomes a problem for Benton with all her other commitments.

“She’s always really, really busy,” Jacob Jewusiak, a junior English and philosophy major who works in Moncrief office, said. “It seems that she sometimes doesn’t have time for herself.”

Along with her job as an RA, Benton works at the Alcohol and Beverage Commission at TCU, as well as two other jobs at the Fort Worth Museum. She is also the president of the gospel choir, is on the Frog Camp Directors’ Board, and is taking 18 hours this semester.

Nevertheless, Benton’s biggest time commitment is her involvement in Bacchus Gamma, the nation’s largest peer-education organization.

She is not just a member of the organization, she is one of only two students in the United States chosen to serve as student representatives on the Board of Trustees.

The position means she is constantly traveling to other schools and giving presentations, speeches and support. Since December, she has been to Denver, Portland, Houston, Washington D.C. and most recently, North Carolina.

When asked how she balances work, school and activities, Benton just shakes her head and smiles.

“You just do it,” she said. “There’s no plan, there’s no strategy for making things balance.”

This positive attitude is what helps Benton to excel in whatever she sets her mind to.
“When she wants something, she always finds a way to do it,” Odelusi said, “even when the odds are against her.”

To most college student, carrying a 15-hour load and a part-time job, it’s hard to understand how Benton can be so upbeat.

“When I first met Feleceia, she was a really hyper crazy girl,” Odelusi said. “I thought she was weird because she always seemed like she was on something, but she wasn’t.”

Those who know her are convinced that it’s this optimistic, energetic personality, that will carry Benton far in life.

The next step for Benton is graduate school at the University of North Texas, to get a master’s in education. Eventually, she would like to open up her own dance and vocal studio, or even sing professionally.

But she cannot resist returning to the place she has given her four years.

“It’s not until you stop and think about it and you realize what you have and have not done,” Benton said. “That’s when it gets overbearing.”
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