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Diverse students share kudos in Facility Team Leader award

By Suryon Pak
Staff Reporter

Courtney Guhl, a senior psychology major, and Lawrence Lobpries, an MBA student, are two very different individuals. Guhl loves children and is looking to go to graduate school to become a family counselor. Lobpries has a wife and a daughter, who is nearly 2 years old, and works every day and night. It seems that they don’t have anything in common but they are sharing the Facility Team Leader of the Year Award from the department of Campus Recreation.

The department of Campus Recreation annually gives out awards to the outstanding student employee in each program area including intramural sports, athletics, outdoor recreation, sport clubs and facility, said Mary Ellen Milam, associate director of Campus Recreation. The team leader award is usually given to one individual in the facility program; however, this year, Guhl and Lobpries will share it, Milam said. They are “outstanding leaders but they are also outstanding human beings,” she said.

Lobpries brings a level of maturity and responsibility to the department, Milam said.

“Others strive to be like him, and they tremendously respect his work ethics,” she said.

Guhl brings a sense of caring and devotion to the staff members, Milan said.

“She truly cares about them as people, and not just getting a job done,” she said.

Lobpries works full time in a marketing department at Radioshack, which is helping him financially go to business school. He will graduate in May with an MBA degree.

Every day he goes to work in the morning and class in the evening. On the weekends, he works at Campus Recreation.

When asked what he does in free time, Lobpries laughed.

“In my free time? Sleep,” he said. He also enjoys exercise and golf, he said.

Even though it’s sometimes difficult not to be tired, Lobpries said, the best part of working at the Recreation Center is meeting new people all the time.

He said he is not any different from other staff members.

Guhl started working at the Rec Center the first day of her freshman year. She said she likes the people.

“People are really fun to work with,” she said. “It’s a really relaxed atmosphere.”

She is volunteering at Pascal High School with its pregnancy prevention program, Guhl said. She is also a part-time teacher at Hilltop Montessori School, where she works with 2-year-olds, she said.

After graduating this May with a degree in psychology, Guhl said, she is planning to take a year off and work for a nonprofit organization to do counseling. Then she wants to go to a graduate school to study family therapy, she said.

Facility team leaders supervise all the other staff members, Milam said, and they are responsible for everything that happens in the facility.

“It’s a reward to be promoted into that position,” she said.

Currently, there are 12 facility team leaders in the program, seven of whom were eligible for the award. Students working under facility team leaders were allowed to vote for a winner based on the individual’s “service to others, ethical character, responsibility, dependability and all other aspects significant to the success of the facility team leader position and the department of Campus Recreation.”

“This really is recognition from other staff members so it really makes it special,” Milam said.
Award winners
Sarah Chacko/Photo Editor
MBA student Lawrence Lobpries (left) and senior psychology major Courtney Guhl (right) will share the Facility Team Leader of the Year Award from the Campus Recreation department.
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