TCU Daily Skiff Orientation Issue 2004
Frog Fountain
Taking the initiative
Improvements to area around TCU should help with parking, housing

The long-held dream of TCU-area residents and university officials of a revitalized and tree-lined Berry Street is a few steps closer to reality.

Decisions by the Fort Worth City Council will allow developers to build town houses, restaurants and shops on the same property, on the south side of the street from about TCU to Paschal High School. The property TCU owns on the north side of Berry Street was rezoned for mixed use in June for similar purposes.
We’ve got spirit. . .
Frog fans
Stephen Spillman/Staff Photographer
More fans, like the women’s swim team, attended Horned Frog Football games than ever before with the season record of 11-2.
Financial aid looks beyond just GPAs

In a society that has changed dramatically since the days when returning World War II veterans enjoyed the benefits of the G.I. Bill, which allowed them to attend college, the importance of financial aid has grown.
Dining Services makes life easy

Being a freshman is an exciting experience. You make new friends, go to parties, join a student organization and, of course, study. Food however, is just as important in college life.
Frog Fountain
Frog Fountain
File Photo
Frog Fountain has become a well-known piece of the TCU campus. Students have circled around it to rock out to bands, voice their opinions at protests and watch movies on the lawn.
Froggie Five-O provides safety, Danno

The Froggie Five-0 title originated from a joke between a former TCU police officer and a buddy of his in 1996 as they were discussing the newly-implemented escort service provided to TCU female students.
Being conscious of classes taken keeps you on track

With all the opportunities for wild, uninhibited debauchery that the modern collegiate experience provides for incoming freshmen, one of the last things on the mind may be classes.
TCU dorms: our second home

At a school like TCU, where more than 3,000 students live on campus, it makes sense for incoming freshmen to be concerned with the adjustment to dorm life.
Eclectic locale grows more diverse

A half mile south of TCU past Berry Street on University Drive, lies a quaint circle that is tucked away among older neighborhoods. The area, otherwise known as Bluebonnet Circle, has been a Fort Worth institution since the 1940s and is currently in a state of transformation.
Student Govt. makes campus life worthwhile

Every Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 5 p.m. the voice of the entire student body can be heard. The Student Government Association comes together as a student-led, adviser-guided organization to hear and discuss issues and events as well as encourage active university participation.
Budget awareness important in having a less stressful, debt free college experience

Your dad has unloaded the last box, your mom has given her last tearful hug, and you have waved your last good-bye as your parent’s minivan rolls around the corner and releases you into a life of pure college luxury.
Exploring outside your ‘mold’ brings many opportunities to life

There is more to college than simply studying, getting good grades and graduating. It’s a social life.
Limitations to extravagances help

Heather Spexarth looks frustrated as she opens yet another box of macaroni and cheese. For the past four years, it has been an all-too-common meal. In college, she has moved into an inexpensive house, avoided shopping and taken part-time jobs to get by. But like many college students, even these measures will not provide her with extra money for luxuries. Like milk. Or butter.
New baseball stadium encourages team

The TCU Baseball team will finish its second season in its new, state-of-the-art stadium this summer.
Recreation center provides TCU community with healthy living

Throughout the cardio area, machines hum as TCU students exercise. Below, the sound of basketballs echo through the gymnasium. In the basement, there is silence as someone gets a message.
On-campus jobs offer students new opportunities as well as money

Walking through the entrance of Brachman Hall is a pleasant experience, as you come upon a friendly face sitting behind an office desk. The pleasant experience is a standard in every residence hall on TCU’s campus, as the halls depend on student workers to help run the building.
Time management skills allow for the best parts of college to be longer, not just work

Lance Kearns is a busy young man.

In any given week, the freshman history major will attend 15 hours of class, go to meetings for Hyperfrogs, BYX (a Christian fraternity), the Chancellor’s Leadership Program, TCU Ambassadors and Hall Council, participate intramural sporting events and find time to spend with his friends and girlfriend.
Monkeying around
Frog Fountain
File Photo
Sophomore interior design major Lindsay Killingsworth and sophomore sociology major A.J. Chambers enjoy the afternoon from a different perspective.
Frog Fountain
Sarah Chacko/Photo Editor
The TCU flag flies high, representing a campus that is as unique as Texas and as proud as the United States.
Energy and expectations high for the upcoming 2004 football season

It’s Horned Frog football y’all.
That’s at least what we like to say around here.
Gourmet prof. wins with barbercue team
Study abroad promises to fill gap in your college life

There is life outside the “Bubble.”
The “Bubble” is actually what students refer to as the “TCU Bubble.” One could describe it is the immediate area surrounding the TCU campus, but it is not so much a physical place as it is a way of life.
TCU LEAPS allows students to jump into a new level of service for school, community

If you are a new student wanting to get acquainted with some new people and the Fort Worth community, TCU LEAPS might just be for you.
TCU commends student for exceptional service

With the end of the school year approaching and graduation right around the corner, TCU would like to commend one student who has touched the lives of many during her four years as a Horned Frog.
Lady Frogs finish season strong

Injuries often plague great athletic teams, and tough losses tend to stop a great team’s momentum.

This is true for most sports teams, but it’s not the case for the No. 20 Lady Frogs’ basketball team.
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