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Employee wages debated by task force, Chancellor Boschini
Staff members are looking for ways to battle problems in the university’s wage system.

Many university staff members have to work two jobs to meet their basic needs, staff members say.

Gerardo Ramirez, who has worked as a groundskeeper for 10 years, said there are many employees struggling just to survive.

“I’ve had two jobs since I started here, and I can make you a list of all the people that work two jobs to be able to make it,” Ramirez said. “I hope they do something. It’s hard.”
Super Frog gets a huge ticket!
Greeks raise money and give time to good causes
More than $121,000 and 25,000 hours of community service were donated to charities by Greek organizations in 2003.

Fraternity and sorority members may have to work extra hard this year if they hope to surpass the successes of 2003’s philanthropic events.
Christianity feels rift over homosexuality
Homosexuality has stirred debate in many denominations.

The controversy surrounding gays and lesbians and their role in Christianity was highlighted this spring at TCU
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A ticket to raising funds

Learning lessons to last a lifetime

Press excels after years in city

The semester in pictures
The best of times, the worst of times
The end of semester prompts yays and nays

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Bush ties seem a bit fishy

Last Thursday, the State Department quietly urged all nonessential U.S. diplomats and private U.S. citizens to leave Saudi Arabia. Senior officials stated that there was “recent and credible information indicating that extremists are planning further attacks against U.S. and Western interests.”

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A last chance to impart politics

Evaluate all sides of issues

People have right to consume as they wish


Hyman’s approach keeps him out of the limelight — just how he likes it
Low-key athletics director Eric Hyman cautiously stays behind the scenes.

The world of college athletics is dominated by high-profile coaches and players who are always in the spotlight of the media.

However, sometimes a central figure remains elusive, only appearing every now and then, and never in any depth. In some cases, it could be the fault of a reporter for never fully reporting an issue, but in the case of athletics director Eric Hyman, it has more to do with skepticism.

Family business
Schobel prepares for long-awaited NFL draft

Bo Schobel is following in his family’s footsteps going from a TCU jersey to an NFL one.
Other sports news
Team effort has TCU headed to the top
Texan to affect local economy
Fort Worth officials say it will be hard to compete with the hotel and convention center in Grapevine.

Only a year ago, the Fort Worth Convention Center reopened after spending $75 million on expansion and renovations. Now Gaylord Entertainment has invested around $500 million to create The Texan, a unique hotel and convention destination resort in Grapevine.
Study abroad program offers more than study time away from campus
The life students find while studying abroad varies greatly from life on campus.

There is life outside the “Bubble.”

The “Bubble” is actually what students refer to as the “TCU Bubble.” One could describe it as the immediate area surrounding campus, but it is not so much a physical place as it is a way of life.
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