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Student film full of karate action
Student-made film lights up the screen with special effects.

By Amy Bowman
Staff Reporter

After a semester of hard work, Steven Lee and Chris St. Pierre have finally finished their action packed film, “Dealing with Deception” which premiered Friday. Lee, a junior electrical engineering major, used several engineering tricks to direct, produce and edit the hour-long action film along with his friend, St. Pierre, a senior radio-TV-film major.

The two are partners in a production company, whose name changes with every movie based on the cost of the film. 58 Dollar Productions is currently the name of the company in light of the $58 budget for “Dealing with Deception.”

Lee began making movies in the spring of 2002, but “Dealing with Deception” is his longest to date. Besides doing all the behind the scenes work for the film, Lee and St. Pierre acted as enemies in the film and used two distinctly different fighting styles in the action-packed scenes.

Angela Luevano, a senior radio-TV-film major, was an actress in the film. She helped operate the camera, gave input on post production and helped with the story line and script, she said.

“Dealing with Deception,” has improved from Lee’s past projects with the help of St. Pierre, editing software and a higher quality of work, Lee said.

St. Pierre was doing several projects for the radio-TV-film department when he discovered post production, especially editing, was his true love. He had been doing mostly dramas when he teamed up with Lee to make the action film.

St. Pierre said he appreciated Lee’s type of aesthetic quality for the fight scenes and was excited to work in a new genre of films.

Luevano said post production is very rewarding, and working on this film was different than the projects she and St. Pierre had worked on in the radio-TV-film department.

Lee and St. Pierre finished filming this semester and began the extensive editing process when St. Pierre incorporated footage he shot in New York and added special effects to some of the fight scenes.

“With editing you get to create a world that doesn’t exist and manipulate the audience in a good way,” St. Pierre said.

For the film, Lee and St. Pierre were able to import the project into an editing program and experiment with effects they weren’t able to before, St. Pierre said.

“We imported some of the images into an editing program and were able to create a flash which allowed a bullet to reflect off of a pillar to create a gunfire ricochet,” St. Pierre said. Students will be able to buy “Dealing with Deception” on DVD next semester with special features and out takes.
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