TCU Daily Skiff Wednesday, April 14, 2004
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Kerry urges collegiate action
Senator John Kerry told college students Tuesday to get involved in the presidential race because they have significant power to drive change.

Senator John Kerry encouraged college students Tuesday to reemerge as a influential political voice in America to take power away from special interests and return it to those who deserve it.

“Young people have enormous power and need to understand it, embrace it and use it,” the Massachusetts senator said in a conference call with college journalists that the TCU Daily Skiff participated in. “As young people, if you walk away from using your voice, you empower the people with money and you give them the power.”
Now open late
Library to be open 24 hours during finals

Beginning May 2, the library will be open all day long for student use.
Library photo
Sarah Chacko/Photo Editor
The Mary Couts Burnett Library’s extended hours during finals week will allow late-night studiers extra time to cram for exams.
Other news
Bush says setbacks in Iraq are small

Suspects identified in Spring Break assaults

Students learn at mock U.N. session
Student Center needs renovation
The university offers no good place to meet people

Where do TCU students go to meet people, make friends and just hang out? If you’re thinking the Student Center, think again.
Be sure not to just stay inside your ‘bubble’

Five years can do a lot to a person. From the idealistic freshman I was in 1999 to the senior less than a month away from a whole new world of reality, I know that I am not the person I was when I started.
Other opinions
Letter to the editor: AHO still planning Kenya trip

Baseball team winds up for match against UTA

After two disappointing losses earlier this season, the baseball team will try to avoid a season sweep against Texas-Arlington at 7 p.m. today at Lupton Stadium.

Barnett fails to teach morals, responsibility

When parents send their children off to college to play sports, what are their expectations for the coach?
Billy Bob Thornton is Davy Crockett on, off set

Billy Bob Thornton grew up wanting to be Davy Crockett.

But then again, who didn’t?
Hancock’s ‘The Alamo’ is like an ode our state

Texas pride takes on a whole new meaning in John Lee Hancock’s “The Alamo.”
Other features
John Wayne’s movie classic inspires Texas pride

History of the Alamo: From its beginning to its devasting defeat
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