TCU Daily Skiff Wednesday, April 7, 2004
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Patterson confirms extension

Football head coach Gary Patterson confirmed Tuesday that he has agreed to sign a contract extension, though the terms have not been disclosed.

“This is where I want to be,” Patterson told the Skiff in an e-mail.

According to the Dallas Morning News’ online edition, Chancellor Victor Boschini said he would make the contract official by signing it later in the week.
Coach Patterson
Ty Halasz/Staff Photographer
After agreeing to sign a contract extension, football head coach Gary Patterson said TCU is where he wants to be.
Plan in the works to reduce budget

School officials have a plan to reduce increasing insurance costs in the budget.
Policy prevents trip from receiving funds

The African Heritage Organization’s service trip to Kenya is over before the plane ever left the ground.
Other news
Students feel safe despite attacks

Political groups set for debate
Political debates enlighten students
Activism needed outside of election years, too

Hey, College Republicans and Young Democrats. How ya been? Long time no see.
Kerry’s opinions, actions contradictory

Although people may see primaries or elections as very minute or unimportant events, they actually carry much weight.
Other opinions
Bush leads ‘decisively’ in the wrong direction

Teeing off for the last time
Senior golfer leads team with both experience, example

Golfer credits new leadership role to this season’s success on and off the links.

Getting a Job

Adrienne Brown has sent out more than 40 resumes and been on four job interviews recently. But if she doesn't land a job by the time she graduates from Michigan State University next month, she'll be working as an office assistant at a campus dorm.
Getting your foot in the door

If the search for an internship were a television sit-com, the theme music might be “Getting to Know You.”
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