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Group discusses retention rate
Presidents of major campus organizations give Board members ideas on how to improve TCU.

With one hour to make their case, 15 members of Intercom, a group consisting of the presidents of major campus organizations, presented to the Board of Trustees Student Relations Committee three ways to achieve one of TCU’s ultimate goals - student retention.

“We began this semester working on this presentation to discuss more than parking and food,” Student Government Association President Jay Zeidman told the committee.
Sarah Chacko/Photo Editor
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Don Mills talks about advising needs as part of an Intercom discussion Thursday afternoon in the Student Center.
New money-request system to be proposed
The Student Government Association has received a greater number of requests for money from student organizations this year than in past years.

A new system for money requests from the Student Government Association may be proposed sometime this semester, because the number of student organizations asking for money has increased over the last year, said Treasurer David Watson.
Honors Program rewards students, prof
Life lessons and standing ovations defined Thursday’s Honors Convocation.

Recipients of the TCU Honors Scholar Award, Phi Beta Kappa electees and the Honors Professor of the Year were recognized Thursday at the 42nd Annual Honors convocation, which included a speech from Princeton University professor Alexander Nehamas.
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Disturbing images not out of line
Pictures of bodies necessary to show harsh reality

The decision of many newspapers and broadcasters to show the graphic images of four Americans who were killed in Fallujah, just west of Baghdad, have caused distress among patrons who found the pictures too disturbing.

Most of the news sources in question, such as CBS Evening News, warned its audience that the images might be troubling. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram even put an explanation next to the picture of a charred body hanging from a bridge, detailing its reasons for why it was necessary to convey such images.
Protesters do nothing to promote peace

Along with the anniversary of the war in Iraq over Spring Break came the war protests. I think the biggest problem with people who hold peace protests is their naivety. As humans, we all desire peace, but in some cases, it is not the way to approach a situation. I commend these idealistic people who want there to be peace — but that is just not practical in these times.
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Guys: Wait for ‘the look’

Women must know they are equals
Future Olympian?
Success of cross country runner traces back to her home in Kenya

Cross country takes on a whole new meaning for the women’s only foreign cross country runner.

Frogs to turn losses around
The men’s tennis team hopes a recent losing streak will not keep them from re-establishing early-season success.

The TCU men’s tennis team hopes to use the past few weeks’ experiences to help it prepare for its tough remaining schedule.
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Tae Kwon Do Club gets plenty of kicks
My editors made me do it!
A tanning virgin shares his ‘dark’ experience

Like so many of my most embarrassing stories, this one begins with me opening my mouth before thinking.

A handful of Skiff editors and I were brainstorming story ideas for this page on tanning — which is probably facing your desk right now because you’re busy doing the crossword puzzle — when it was suggested that somebody who had never tanned before write a column about their first time. (To go to a tanning salon — get your mind out of the gutter!)
Faking it
Motivations for tanning include beauty, health

Despite the fact that the risks of indoor tanning, such as skin cancer and leathery skin, are well advertised, an ABC News report found that more than a million people use indoor tanning beds every day.
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