TCU Daily Skiff April 1, 2004
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Ushering in a new era
Chancellor speaks of university’s potential
Victor Boschini spoke on the university’s potential for the future during his inauguration speech.

TCU is a wonderful institution, but it could be even better, Chancellor Victor Boschini said during his inauguration ceremony Wednesday.

“TCU is a remarkable place whose achievements are exceeded only by its opportunities,” he said.
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The university’s 10th chancellor spoke of his plan for TCU and the road ahead.
Boschini’s inauguration filled with speakers and music

The ending of another school year also brings a new beginning for TCU. In a ceremony Wednesday, Victor Boschini was inaugurated as the 10th chancellor in TCU’s 131-year history.
Assault suspects identified by investigators

The suspects in the alleged assault of two students during Spring Break at an Eagle Mountain Lake campground have been identified by investigators, the Tarrant Country Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday.
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Forum focuses on ways to better TCU experience

New show to be ‘on fire’

Impartiality of justice a concern

In case you haven’t heard, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is doing his best to avoid pressure to recuse himself from hearing a case concerning Vice President Dick Cheney. The case in question surrounds the Bush administration’s energy policy. Watchdog and Environmental groups, such as the Sierra Club, are convinced that top industry executives had a hand in shaping the policy and have filed a lawsuit to learn more about the closed door sessions.
Guys: Wait for ‘the look’

I have a gripe. This weekend while partaking in some down time on 6th Street in Austin, a peculiar thing happened. Well, not that peculiar since it has happened more times than I care to think about.
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Women must know they are equals

The story of Dick the cat and the rats in my house

Bring it on

Today the TCU Cheerleaders will shake their purple and silver pom-poms in the preliminary rounds of the Chick-Fil-A Cheer and Dance Collegiate Championship for the first time in seven years. When head coach Jeff Tucker came to TCU four years ago the team was not ready for a national competition, he said. Since then, a lack of money held the team from attending a national competition, he said.
Tae Kwon Do Club gets plenty of kicks

“Cha rutt. Kyung yet. Choon bee. Say jak.” That is the Korean saying that begins each match for the university’s Tae Kwon Do Club — “Attention. Bow. Sparring position. Start.”
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Irvin prepares to take on leadership role next year
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