TCU Daily Skiff Wednesday, March 31, 2004
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Dinner and a death?
‘Murder mystery’ to test Brachman residents
Brachman Hall residents will put their investigative skills to work during a murder mystery dinner theater.

A “murder” will soon take place in Pond Street Grill, and residents of Brachman Hall will be there to witness and try to solve it.

Brachman’s Hall Council is putting on a murder mystery dinner theater 7 p.m. Friday for an expected 50 to 60 Brachman residents, who will enjoy a four-course meal while viewing the theater show.

Murder rehearsal
Sarah Chacko/Photo Editor
Accusations fly when members of the Brachman Hall Council rehearse the final scene of a murder mystery dinner theater.
Disease still has high risk factors

The university does not require vaccination for meningitis, although doctors recommend students get it.
World famous flutist teaches master class

Renowned flutist attracts over 400 people from all over the country to TCU.
Other news
Escort to remove photo from site

House vote prohibits charitable donations

Meningitis vaccine should be required
Side effects small compared to possible death

If the old adage is true and history repeats itself, then there is no reason that the meningitis vaccine shouldn’t be mandatory at TCU. While the side-effects of the vaccine are negligible, the consequences of contracting the disease are potentially deadly.

Pledge has us in denial

Never doubt the power of denial.

There’s a country-western song about a woman who can’t believe her husband is cheating on her despite obvious evidence. The title is the “Queen of De Nile.”
Two senior football players take time off to recover, gear up for fall

Two of the football team’s veteran leaders look to recover from injury and get back to the practice field.
OneAsia Bistro
Eatery satisfies even the pickiest diner

OneAsia Bistro is one tasty experience.

OneAsia Bistro, located off Hulen Street and Bellaire Drive, is a small restaurant with a big taste.
Park provides refuge for extreme athletes

The GPX Skate Park in Grand Prairie gives skaters and bike riders a clean, inviting atmosphere 30 minutes away from TCU.
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