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Battle lines drawn at debate
Panelists discuss the merits of Iraq invasion
All the panelists agreed on one thing: The timetable for the transition of power needed to be pushed back.

A little more than a year after the U.S.-led war in Iraq, students marked the date by engaging in an impassioned debate Wednesday night arguing the merits of the invasion.

“This is a horrible situation we’ve gotten ourselves into,” said Sean Martin, a senior radio-TV-film major who argued against the war.
Raveen Bhasin/Staff Photographer
Senior radio-TV-film and sociology major Sean Martin (right) responds to a question involving America’s ongoing role in the war in Iraq as Peace Action President Jeff Brubaker (left) listens during the debate Thursday in the Student Center Lounge.
Profs express views on new 9/11 material
In the wake of the hearings from the 9/11 commission, TCU professors share their insights on the matter.

Although the 9/11 commission hearings have concluded, many Americans have been left with new questions about who knew what and whether they acted fast enough. Political experts at TCU agree the hearings have shed new light on terrorism and our government.
‘Cheerleader’ pose sheds bad light on TCU
An escort posing as a cheerleader on a Web site has school administrators and police looking into possible legal action.

TCU tries hard to sell itself, but not this hard.

An escort posing in a photo as a cheerleader atop the brick name plate on Stadium Drive has school administrators and police outraged. It was not clear if the photo had been digitally manipulated.
Other news
Organizations still face diversity issues

Regional tourney to be held at TCU

DPS setting up shop on campus
We all need to learn tolerance
Discrimination against homosexuals is wrong

In reference to the story in today’s feature section about homophobia on campus, we would like to offer an opinion: We, the student body as a whole, need to grow up.

Bush administration must take responsibility

This past weekend hundreds of thousands of people from around the world turned out to protest the Bush administration’s hawkish policies and military actions in Iraq. Their voices echo the outrage that was felt when the United States first invaded Iraq over a year ago in what many call an illegal and unprovoked invasion. While no one mourns the loss of Saddam Hussein, we must consider whether toppling his regime has produced the desired effect.
Other opinions
U.S. correct in starting war, staying in Iraq

Neocons’ agenda is questionable

Creativity catches employer’s eye
Frogs will avenge their second loss of season
The Frogs try to put their second loss of the season behind them and focus on their grueling upcoming schedule.

The TCU men’s tennis team suffered its second loss of the season Thursday to No. 6 Rice in a close match, which saw the Owls come into town and take a 4-3 victory.
Core of women’s basketball team leaving
Coach says seniors were heart of Lady Frogs this year

Graduating players drove the women’s basketball team to success, Jeff Mittie says.
Other sports news
Let the controversy begin

Freshmen trio has the Frogs’ bats on fire

Men’s tennis team prepares for biggest challenge of the season thus far
Homophobia hits home
Atmosphere on campus not accepting of gays, some say

Senior Amber Ferguson says she still gets weird looks every time she tells someone she had a lesbian roommate her freshman year at TCU.
Sequel a let down, as usual
New Dirty Dancing doesn’t live up to the original

I have never laughed so hard during a movie in my life. I was crying with laughter. My friends were cracking up, the girls behind me were rolling and so was the rest of the very small audience. The odd part of it was, “Dirty Dancing Havana Nights” is not a comedy.
Other features
Are you being watched?

Netflix offers new way to rent movies

Twisted proves to be no mystery at all
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