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Construction delays keep buses parked
Apartment project pushed back to 2006
Perrotti’s Pizza reached an agreement with developers to move into the new complex.

Construction on a student apartment and retail complex on a commuter parking lot near Berry Street has been delayed until December so developers will have time to complete the entire development at once, officials said.

Phoenix Property Co., who will be in charge of construction on the new structures, didn’t want to open the property in the middle of the school year for fear that the apartments would be left vacant.
Ty Halasz/Staff Photographer
An artist’s rendering gives a glimpse of one part of the student apartment and retail complex, which will eventually fill the lot across from the Tucker Technology Center.
TRAC shuttle system faces delay, will start in August
Three new parking lots will be built over the summer to help alleviate traffic headaches.

The construction delay of a new apartment complex near Perrotti’s Pizza has created a bottleneck that will cause the debut of a parking shuttle to be late and hurt Five Star Coaches financially, a company official said.

Five Star Coaches purchased five buses for $300,000 to use on the TRAC shuttle system, said Harry Noble III, the company’s operations manager.
Nursing students will train on-site
Nursing anesthesia graduate students can train at large hospitals thanks to recent TCU affiliations with clinical sites around the country.

The TCU Harris School of Nursing has added the Sacred Heart Health System to its growing list of affiliated hospitals which will serve as clinical training sites for the first batch of graduate students aiming for a nurse anesthetists certification.

The CRNA program requires students to train on- site at a hospital for 16 months. Training sites are vital and TCU has found affiliations with ease, said Kay Sanders, director of the School of Nurse Anesthesia.
Other news
Choreographer ends stay with performance

Gospel Choir postpones Mexico Spring Break ministry

TCU shouldn’t bar student drinking
Of-age students should be able to follow law

In Europe the legal drinking age is 18. In the United States it’s 21. Yet, the limits that separate legal from illegal and responsible from irresponsible will no longer matter at TCU.

Next fall, students older than age of 21 may have their right to drink suppressed on school-sponsored trips. Seems that while the university advertises its ability to mold us into ethical leaders, it doesn’t trust us enough to prove that outside the TCU bubble.
John Butler challenges us to think, teaches us to respect others’ beliefs

I was asked two weeks ago to prepare something to say about John Butler. For the past two weeks I have struggled with what to say. Finally I came to the realization this morning, that my first impression was correct.
Other opinions
Liberals lead the better way
Frogs out and feeling blue
DePaul sends the Horned Frogs packing in the Conference USA Tournament quarterfinals.

CINCINNATI — Andre Brown might as well have held up a flashing neon sign reading, “Give me the ball!”

Not that Sammy Mejia needed much prodding. From the opening tip, the freshman point guard fed the ball into the low post over and over again.
Are you being watched?

I’m sure most students noticed a change from the routine over the past few months. Among the normal influx of messages from friends and university announcements, there have been a series of e-mails detailing recent thefts and threats to student safety. Many of these e-mails include a list of helpful safety tips, such as locking your doors and not leaving valuables in plain sight. These tips are valuable; but by now, they should be common sense.
Netflix offers new way to rent movies

Imagine an alternative life where you don’t have to leave home to be entertained by movies. No lines, no due dates, no hassling with people.

They call that the movie channel. But for those, who for some reason or another have yet to embrace the idea of satellite dishes and 821 channels, the Internet has made chronic movie watching cheaper.
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