TCU Daily Skiff Wednesday, March 10, 2004
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Manure happens
Sanitation machine may stress zoo animals
Six okapi living at the Dallas Zoo are the main subjects of research being performed by graduate student Christine Bertz.

They don’t have to face midterms, so why would animals at the Dallas Zoo be stressed?

Christine Bertz, a graduate biology student, is studying stress levels of okapi, the only other animal in the giraffe family besides the giraffe.
Ty Halasz/Staff Photographer
Journey of Hope bikers Ryan Motola, a senior finance major, Blaine Kauk, a sophomore business major, Andrew Hepworth, a sophomore political science, and Cole Bryan, a senior political science major, will ride from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., this summer.
House tables $38K loan for CEO TV station

Representatives questioned an entrepreneurial club member about the organization’s bill to start a student-run TV station.
Cable killed the music video star

DISH Network removes all Viacom channels from its network after a contract dispute, forcing TCU to lose seven cable channels.
Other news
Faculty to discuss new core curriculum

Conference to feature directors, bands
DISH Network, Viacom at fault
Government oversight has hurt consumers

Shame on you DISH Network.
Shame on you Viacom.
But most of all, shame on you government.
Bush’s decisions demand respect

With the upcoming elections, there seems to be talk all over the place about the 2004 candidates. A staunch conservative myself, I am quite fond of George W. Bush and what he stands for. To some, that comment resembles admission to Satan-worship. I am sick of the depths people must stoop to find something wrong with Bush.

H20 Frogs celebrate season

Swimming and diving team hopes its great season will lead to NCAA Championship invites.

Other sports news
2004 C-USA Men’s Basketball Tournament Bracket
Mar. 10, 2004

2003-04 C-USA Men’s Basketball All-Conference Teams

Mar. 10, 2004

The Corey Santee File
Mar. 10, 2004
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