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Next provost will not deal with athletics
The provost will no longer play a major role in the direction of athletics, a change that puts TCU more in line with other university administrations.

Chancellor Victor Boschini said he will deal directly with athletics when geology chairman Nowell Donovan takes over as provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, eliminating one of the current duties of the position.

Provost William Koehler, who retires at the end of the semester, said the chancellor has always been involved in the athletics reporting structure. Now, athletics director Eric Hyman will only report to Boschini.
Roy Bourgeois
Ty Halasz/Staff Photographer
The Rev. Roy Bourgeois, an ardent activist for justice in Latin America, chats with Peace Action members at a breakfast Thursday in the Student Center.
Despite troubles, prof has backers

Stephen Sprinkle’s students and colleagues stand by him through all the allegations.
Main to get a face lift this summer

Students could see improvements in food choices if plans of renovation are passed.
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Visiting activist promotes peace

TCU changes campus demonstration policy

Change will allow for online voting
Students have right to speak up
New rules embrace campus expression

Most students at TCU rarely voice their opinions. Demonstrations, street theater and outspoken citizens are rare and far between at this heavily conservative school.
Nader will take votes from Kerry

Ralph, just what do you think you are doing?

In the 2000 election, you were the difference between winning and losing. While you constantly repeated the notion that the two main political parties are essentially saying the same thing, you nonetheless helped elect a neo-conservative (a man who fundamentally believes strongly in everything you hate) into office.
Aburto hopes to end career on top
A women’s tennis player took the road less traveled from Mexico to the professional ranks to Fort Worth.

Many college athletes spend their collegiate careers preparing themselves for the pros, but senior tennis player Paty Aburto has already been there.

However, Aburto’s tennis career started by accident.
Students enjoy giving back to community over Spring Break

Oh, the joys of Spring Break. Lounging around, sucking on tropical drinks with little umbrellas in them, and enjoying the view on some exotic beach might just be the dream of every college student. When most of us think about Spring Break, we think of hot bodies, girls gone wild and an abject lack of supervision, but a new revolution is occurring on college campuses across America — the Service Revolution.
New Meg Ryan film is fair

“Against The Ropes,” starring Meg Ryan and Omar Epps, is based on the true story of Jackie Kallen, the first — and most successful — female boxing manager in the history of the sport, and her first boxer under contract. The story is set in present day Cleveland, where Jackie works as an over-worked secretary under the incompetent male owner of a boxing venue.
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Twisted proves to be no mystery at all
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