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Bring it on
Coach encourages positive fans to pack the coliseum
The men’s basketball coach spoke with students to encourage a full crowd for upcoming games, but said he wants chanting against opponents to stop.

Men’s head basketball coach Neil Dougherty said Tuesday that fans should support TCU victories by chanting for the Frogs, rather than belittling opponents.

Dougherty said he appreciated the massive fan support for TCU during the game against the Louisville Cardinals Feb. 17, but disapproved when fans chanted that the Cardinals were “overrated.”
Neil Dougherty and Tim George
Karly Campbell/Staff Photographer
Basketball coach Neil Dougherty (far right), accompanied by Athletics Director of Marketing Tim George (far left), speaks to students in The Main about the game tonight and the importance of their support.
Grad programs’ role explored

TCU officials discuss the role of doctorate education in the university in relation to other universities nationwide.
TCU’s health plan cheaper than most

There are many options for students selecting a health insurance provider.
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Alumnus pushes for student support of Bush in election

Honor society exhibits art
More students not necessarily better
Charm of small student body attracts people

Bigger is not always better.

TCU’s freshmen enrollment has increased from 1,426 in 1999 to 1,596 in 2003.
Protect your rights
Constitution guarantees firearm freedom

Gun control has long been a subject of debate in this country. Whether private citizens should be allowed to own firearms under the Second Amendment is a question that our judicial system struggles with, but I believe the answer is simple if we look at the Constitution that founded this nation and preserved its freedoms.
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Tolerant people not so accepting toward those with different views

Your View: Letters to the Editor

Frogs enter shootout perfect

With another strong performance, the Frogs continue their perfect season.

TCU waiting to learn penalty for switch

TCU has still not received word from C-USA on how it will be penalized for moving to Mountain West.
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Basketball Quick Facts
What's your B.H.I.Q.?
(Black history intelligence quotient)

Black History Month began with historian Carter G. Woodson, who early in the last century came up with the idea for a “Negro History Week,” which he envisioned as a celebration of black history and achievement, as well as a time for education.
Did you know ...

Black History Month was created from Negro History Week, which was launched by Carter Woodson in 1926. Woodson, who was born to former slaves, began his high school education at age 20. He noticed his history books lacked any recognition of black Americans’ accomplishments and focused on their inferior jobs. Woodson founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History in 1915 in order to bring attention to blacks’ accomplishments.
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Reflections on Black History Month
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