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Minister says Sprinkle barred because of trust
The regional minister of the Disciples of Christ responded to a Brite official’s accusation that he was barred from interviewing ministerial candidates because he is gay.

Feb. 19 , 2004
A letter from the Disciples of Christ regional minister says the Brite Divinity School representative who alleges he was discriminated against because he’s gay was asked not to participate in interviews because of a lack of trust and respect.

Stephen Sprinkle, Brite’s director of field education, said he was barred from interviewing ordination candidates from Jan. 12-14. Regional minister Robert Rueter said in a letter that Sprinkle was asked not to participate in interviews because of a petition Sprinkle filed in the 48th Judicial District Court in October.
Say Cheese
College selectivity difficult to verify
College admissions offices can manipulate applicant numbers to appear selective in college ranking surveys. TCU will use an auditor to ensure accuracy.

Feb. 19 , 2004

College admission officers say there is a need to define exactly what constitutes an application to prevent misuse of the number of applications reported by schools seeking a higher standing in student user guides.
Pictures give applications special touch, officials say
With admissions officers reviewing as many as 2,000 applicants a region, staff members say pictures of TCU applicants can help admissions get to know applicants better.

Feb. 19 , 2004
Optional photos on applications help admissions officers remember certain students as they sort through the submissions of thousands of prospective TCU students, university officials said.
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Senseless Acts of Comedy entertain student crowds
Feb. 19 , 2004

Workshop focuses on communication skills

Feb. 19 , 2004
Alternative paper is a good idea
The Skiff welcomes WHAT’SUPTCU!

Feb. 19 , 2004
For every packet of sugar there is a packet of Sweet’N Low. For every Nike there is Adidas. Everyone in every facet of life has an opponent. It might be a cooperative opponent or an enemy. The Skiff is no different.
We need a Joker to our Batman

Feb. 19 , 2004

In the world of black and white photography, it is considered best to avoid the perfect whites and darkest blacks. It is the grays that give depth, the grays that tell the story and shade the object. In life, however, these grays are what take away our depth and blend us together into a finger-painted collage of something quite ordinary.
Other opinions
Frogs ponder money issues
Feb. 19 , 2004

Government, Constitution should not be subject to Christian beliefs

Feb. 19 , 2004
Big win gives team boost
Men’s tennis program celebrates a return to the upper eschelon of college tennis after a victory over top-10 opponent Texas A&M.

Feb. 19 , 2004
A 4-3 home victory over No. 9 Texas A&M Wednesday afternoon might just be what the men’s tennis team needed to propel themselves into the nation’s top 10.

Move brings added visibility
TCU should help make the Mountain West Conference more distinct on the national level, while MWC will increase TCU’s TV exposure.

Feb. 19 , 2004
The Frogs’ leap from Conference USA to the Mountain West Conference should bring more national visibility to the conference, said Chris Hill, Utah’s athletics director.
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