TCU Daily Skiff Tuesday, February 17, 2004
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Students shouldn’t pay for costume
University can afford SuperFrog suit on its own

Don’t worry about holding any more concerts; we’re fine. No need to bring in another comedian; we don’t enjoy laughter.

No need to waste money for an event to bring the student body together, I guess we see each other enough walking around campus.

Is this what the students will be faced with for the rest of the semester?

When the House of Student Representatives voted to pay $6,300 for the new SuperFrog suit, they severely limited their options as far as special projects go.

This is in no way the fault of the House of Student Representatives. With the scenario they were given, we believe they made the right choice; however, in doing so, they took away money set aside specifically for students.

It is absurd that the athletic department, or any department within the university, does not allocate enough money to pay for a new SuperFrog suit. Taking it to the students is an absolute last resort, and it is disgraceful that it ever reached that level.

However, we applaud the students for making the right decision. Given the current state of the SuperFrog costume, a revamp was definitely in order. Perhaps Nokia could have purchased a new SuperFrog for the university. After all, the company approached the university with the commercial idea.

While we recognize Nokia paid $5,000 to the scholarship fund, we wonder if it would have been too much to ask the wireless giant to pay a measley $6,300 for a new costume. That’s nothing to them; chump change.

Allowing the students to pay for a costume which the university uses for publicity is outgrageous. What will come next? Are we to pay for the football team to travel? When the police department needs new luxury Durangos to issue tickets in, will the students fund that as well?

Let’s face it, $6,300 is nothing to the university. Actually, it is less than one-third of tuition for one student after the increase takes effect. The university could have easily afforded a new SuperFrog suit, but I’m sure students will have much more pride in SuperFrog now that they helped pay for it. Right?
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