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Sleepy Jackson
New Release: Lovers

Sleepy who? This is exactly what I said when I was given the copy of Sleepy Jackson’s new CD entitled “Lovers.” But soon after I listened to the CD I found the native Australian band was actually something I really enjoyed.

On the Lovers CD, Sleepy Jackson has created an eclectic feel of different music eras and moods. From one song to the next you never know what type of instrument might influence the song. The members from Australia, where they have gained much praise over the years, have also gained much of their influence from punk rock legend Nick Cave. In songs like “Rain Falls for Wind,” and “Tell the Girls,” the punk rock influence is clearly heard. Both songs are also ones that could either be labeled pure punk or rock alongside bands like Audioslave and Chevelle. Besides the punk on the CD, you will find instances of acoustic and steel guitars.
Special to the Skiff
Australia’s Sleepy Jackson, Luke Steele (vocals/guitar), Malcolm Clark (drums/vocals), J Cortez (bass/vocals) will be March 17 in Dallas at the Gypsy Tea Room.
Adam Hood
New Release: 6th Street: Paved In Gratitude

TThe Adam Hood release, “6th Street,” is a surprisingly palatable blend of pseudo-poppy refrains and folk guitar, well mixed into an arrangement one would expect from central Texas. The lyrics of many songs seem to fix upon the same general concept of gratuity for simple everyday occurrences, a refreshing message in that it differs so greatly from the popular status quo — the teenage crazes of lyrics obsessed with sex and/or complete nonsense. Hood’s release is a step away from such trends and into a suitable air of southern hospitality, a step which I for one am grateful for. His message seems to be along the lines of “see the world for what it is and what it gives to you,” not just the inadequacies and problems all must face from time to time.r
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