TCU Daily Skiff Thursday, February 05, 2004
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A day for mourning
Body is Crane’s; suspects charged
Police have recovered Laura Lee Crane’s body and two suspects have now been charged with capital murder.

FORT WORTH — A body discovered Tuesday in southern Oklahoma was identified as that of missing retired professor Laura Lee Crane, police said Wednesday afternoon. Two Fort Worth residents linked to her disappearance have been charged with capital murder, police said.
Prof’s colleagues reflect on her career
Teachers and friends mourn the death of the retired professor.

Former professor and Starpoint School director Laura Lee Crane was remembered Wednesday as a gracious woman and an inspirational teacher who made children a top priority.
Crane Daughter
Sarah Greene/Staff Photographer
Allen Walker, daughter of retired professor Laura Lee Crane, thanked the community and law enforcement officials for their support in the search for her mother at a press conference held Wednesday afternoon at the Fort Worth police station downtown. A body found near Davis, Okla., was identified as that of the former Starpoint School director.
Sexual misconduct claims directed at prof, records state
In affidavits filed in the 48th Judicial District Court, Christian Church officials accused Stephen Sprinkle of trying to impede an investigation into sexual misconduct claims made against him.

A Brite administrator who says he was barred by Disciples of Christ officials from interviewing prospective ministers because of his homosexuality has also been the subject of a church investigation of alleged sexual misconduct, according to court records obtained by the TCU Daily Skiff.
Donovan outlines plan to improve academics
Faculty members take a look at provost candidate Nowell Donovan’s plans for the university.

Provost candidate Nowell Donovan stressed the significance of the liberal arts and sciences in shaping and improving the leaders of tomorrow in a forum for faculty and staff Wednesday.
Other news
Board of Trustees’ 11.9 percent tuition increase has mixed reactions among students
Fad diets fade fast but nutrition lasts
Smart diets and exercise are the right way to go

Fad diets are exactly what the name entails: a fad. They die out just as quickly as they come in. There’s always a new diet that promises you will reach your ideal weight in no time at all, get the perfect form or the opposite sex to notice you.
Bush not to blame for CIA
Faulty intelligence cause of Iraq fiasco

It almost happened. I almost let the Democrats brainwash me. I was oh so close to believing that the Bush administration set up a huge conspiracy to attack Iraq, knowing for certain that there were no weapons of mass destruction.
Other opinions
CBS should have expected shock and surprise during halftime

New breed of men is its own type of faux pas
Frogs announce official signing of 21 recruits

The 2004 football recruiting class ranks as one of the best in the state and the best for TCU in the last three years.
USC, LSU sign nation’s top football recruiting classes
This year, championship seasons really did bring teams the country’s most talented recruits.

College football’s recruiting race finished up exactly like the season did — with Southern California and LSU on top and everybody else chasing them. Only this time, there’s no disputing Southern Cal is No. 1, according to five top recruiting services.
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