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Going 'retro'
A guide to men's fashion

By Amber Liggon

Good fashion does not only apply to women. Men also need to be paying attention to what they wear. While walking around campus I can spot at least 20 poorly dressed males who are guilty of nothing more than having a poor knowledge of fashion. It seems no one ever informed them on what to wear and how to wear it. For these lost souls I have a few pointers for you.

Gentlemen, you must give your toenails some attention. If you make the decision to wear flip-flops even though it is 30 degrees outside, at least make sure your toes are not harvesting a yellow-like fungus and your toenails are not inching over the edge of your Reef sandals. The same applies to your fingernails, black grime under the nails … not cool.

Make sure your clothes fit properly. The most frequently committed fashion crime are victims sporting a shirt that sits just above the belt buckle. Easy test: If your tummy is exposed when you raised your arms, take off the shirt!

I know there are a lot of you out there who are huge fans of the whole scruffy, Abercrombie, I try not to look like I tried look, which is great. However, in attempt at achieving this look, many fellows begin to leave basic hygiene behind. For example, you can still sport the shaggy haircut and remain ‘clean-cut’ at the same time. Try shaving at least once every couple days to avoid looking like a homeless person. Also trim up those sideburns and if needed, pluck your eyebrows (it’s not just a girl thing I promise).
Colors are good, in fact, they are great. Guys, you may have noticed when you or your friends sport a bright color the ladies swoon with compliments. Don’t be afraid to add a little color to your wardrobe ... it’s nice. It makes you stand out in a sea of blues and grays that swallows most men’s wardrobes.

Shoes. Just as the old saying goes, “You can always tell a guy by his shoes.” If your shoes are old, stinky and icky, then well … so are you. Buy new ones! People will notice and it gives you an excuse to go shopping. And while we are on the subject, please make sure the shoes match the belt. Black shoes means a black belt and brown shoes … Well, you get the picture.

Hats have become a new trend for guys. No, not the trucker hat, that was over when Ashton Kutcher started wearing one. I’m talking more along the lines of a newsboy cap, a fedora hat or perhaps a simple fitted baseball cap is always cute and simple. But remember, hats change with the seasons, this means no beanies in the summer, that’s just weird.

Accessorize! Every guy should have in their possession a nice wallet and a polished watch. These items are staples to your wardrobe. If you do not already have them in your possession, buy them!

The biggest tip I can offer you is keep it clean and simple. If you are at all questioning your outfit then you should not be wearing it. It is possible to remain comfortable and stylish simultaneously. Try, but don’t try too hard.

Oh, and one last thing ... Take this article and keep it with you. Fold it in your wallet, stick it to your mirror ... Do whatever it takes because, seriously guys, this is important. You are in college, the least you can learn is how to dress well.

John demonstrating good fashion.
Sarah Chacko/Photo Edito
Clean-cut meets casual: Good fashion doesn’t rely on polos and khakis but on the snazzy details. Wide-band arm accessories compliment any outfit without looking feminine. Pearl snap shirts and simple patterns add class to vintage style.
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