TCU Daily Skiff Wednesday, January 28, 2004
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Brite rep accuses Disciples' group of bigotry
The divinity school's director of field education filed a petition in state District Court over alleged discrimination by a committee of the Christian Church's Southwest Region.

A top Brite Divinity School administrator said Tuesday that he was barred from representing Brite on a Disciples of Christ Church regional committee to interview minister candidates because he is gay.

Stephen Sprinkle, director of field education at Brite Divinity School, said he was told by committee chairman Ben Hubert that he was “polarizing students” and would not be allowed to participate in interviews held Jan. 12 to Jan. 14. Sprinkle said he disputed the claim, but stayed for general meetings, which included prayer and meals.
University Recreation Center turns 1 year old
Students take a break from exercise, celebrate with cake

The University Recreation Center celebrates its one-year anniversary Tuesday with food, fun and festivities.
Rec Center celebration
Nicole Martinez/ Staff Photographer
Wellness Office representative Amy Goodson helps kick off the celebration by serving cake to attendees of the University Recreation Center’s first birthday party Tuesday afternoon.
Other news
Malicious worm spreads to campus

TCU grad survives ‘The Apprentice’

Parallel parking is its own problem
Please pull your car all the way into the space

As if parking weren’t bad enough.

We should be dedicated to helping one another overcome the perils of parking, rather than placing obstacles in each other’s paths.

Space travel, programs underrated by many

It’s tough to be grandiose sometimes.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of popular support for the trip back to the moon and on to Mars. I’m not surprised.
Mars exploration will create budget deficit

Long before I wanted to go into journalism, I wanted to be an astronaut.

Of course, I was 9 years old, wore thick, blue-rimmed glasses — Why didn’t you pick a better pair, mother? — and watched Star Trek religiously.

Frogs should head west

How would you like to spend a fall weekend out of the cold, under the sun-soaked rays of San Diego? What about catching a view of the scenic Rocky Mountains, or spending a night in that sinful delight known as Las Vegas?

Improving offense key to Southern Miss game

The Frogs say they are focused and prepared for the Golden Eagles after a week of preparation.
Have no fear, spring fashions are here

Women’s fashion today is indeed very different from that of last decade, or even last season. Fashion has become quite important to our culture and society, especially to college-age young women. Have you noticed the astonishing number of women’s fashion magazines that fill the periodicals section? So ladies, if you’re scared of becoming a fashion emergency — have no fear, because the latest spring fashions are here!
Stress of shopping leads to personal shoppers

SANTA ANA, Calif. — Christine Farino is a busy, busy girl. She goes full time to Chapman University, where she’s a junior. She also works part time as a real estate agent. It's tough enough for her to find time to grab a latte, never mind update her wardrobe.
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