TCU Daily Skiff Tuesday, January 27, 2004
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Moudy in need of food service
Dining options desired on north side of campus

Imagine you’re sitting in your afternoon class on the north side of campus and you’re starving. This, as many of you know, is not a good combination. Despite obvious demand, there is still no food service on this part of campus.

For many of us who live the majority our lives on the north side of campus, the lack of food service can be quite frustrating.

TCU has expanded its dining services to various areas of campus to promote student dining on campus. It is common sense that when a student eats off campus, it’s money the university has lost.

At this point, TCU has potentially lost thousands of dollars. Whether students have class in Moudy or in another building on the north side of campus, students are much more likely to hop in their cars and drive to Wendy’s or Whataburger. By the time you walk to Frogbytes, Sub Connection or The Main, wait in line and walk back, you could have more quickly driven to get a bite off campus.

A Café á la Cart kiosk made a brief appearance in the first floor of Moudy Building South last spring, but it was removed after members of the radio-TV-film department complained that it would be distraction to nearby classes. We don’t agree, but hope a compromise can be found that will make everyone happy (and full). We hope the work of the Student Government Association will bring food options to north campus.
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