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Thursday, January 22, 2004
Frog Fountain
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Re-keying project almost done
New technology embedded into keys will make security measures tighter on campus

The university is a month away from closing the door on a $125,000 project to replace the locks on all the buildings on campus.

Completion of the first campus-wide re-keying project is scheduled to end in late February to early March after the locks are changed in Mary Couts Burnett Library, the Student Center and Ed Landreth Hall.
Ty Halasz/Staff Photographer
Sophomore business major Chris Niemczyk winds up to fire a snowball near Frog Fountain.
Snow! In Texas?
Freeze Fest welcomes back students

Jan. 22, 2004
The $7,000 party created a winterwonderland Wednesday in front of Frog Fountain.
Other news
Phonathon campaign starts well
Jan. 22, 2004

Artist returns to share his ‘Passion’ with TCU dancers
Jan. 22, 2004

Don’t renew the Patriot Act as is
Bill attacks civil liberties for security’s sake

Jan. 22, 2004
In his recent State of the Union Address, President Bush called on Congress to renew the Patriot Act, granting law enforcement agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, extended abilities to fight terrorism.
Music in video games a new art

Jan. 22, 2004
A December Chicago Tribune story explored an up-and-coming format of music: the video game soundtrack. While the graphics and game play of modern video games and their systems have evolved since “Pac-Man,” the music of the modern video game has also grown to new levels. Despite the advances in video games and their music, American culture still snubs its artistic beauty.
Other opinions
Bush is best bet for liberty

Jan. 22, 2004

Patriot Act breaches right of privacy
Jan. 22, 2004
Frogs to go into swim meet as underdogs

Jan. 22, 2004
It is rare in any sport for a one-loss team to consider themselves underdogs at a home meet.

Though, for the men’s swimming and diving team, it’s just that.

Fresh off their first loss of the season last Saturday to No. 5 Florida, the Frogs (8-1) plan to play the role of spoiler tonight when they host Southern Methodist University.
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