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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Frog Fountain
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Herriott makes first on-campus impression
TCU faculty met the first of three Provost candidates in a forum Tuesday.

Provost candidate Arthur Herriott emphasized the university’s role as a liberal arts institution in a faculty forum Tuesday.

“Liberal arts are an important part of the training of any student,” he said. “You’re not just training them for an immediate career.”Herriott, a chemistry professor at Florida International University in Miami, is one of three provost candidates, along with TCU geology department chairman Nowell Donovan and DePaul University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean Michael Mezey.Herriott also discussed TCU’s role as a liberal arts institution versus its role as a research university.
Arthur Herriot
Ty Halasz/Staff Photographer
Provost candidate Arthur Herriot fielded questions in an open meeting Tuesday afternoon in the Sid Richardson Building.
Entrepreneurial program is one of the best in the country

From past to present, graduate works to advance program
Other news
Officials consider meals in Moudy

Welcome back party today

SGA officers inaugurated

Conference change bad for basketball
Moves will make recruiting difficult in C-USA

The tidal wave caused by the University of Miami and Virginia Tech leaving the Big East conference and moving to the Atlantic Coast Conference has hit Fort Worth.

Morale slips overseas
Spirit dwindles for soldiers in Iraq

The worst problem facing U.S. forces in Iraq may not be guerilla warfare but a crisis of morale.
Other opinions
Texans favor Republican Party

Refusal to review cases a failure of justice
Frogs make it a family affair
The men’s basketball team is more than a group of players, on and off the court. With head coach Neil Dougherty’s son playing at TCU, it is a family as well.

The men’s basketball team shares many things: the court, hotel rooms, the locker room, even the same name.
Frogs falter from the free-throw line

On a poor shooting night, the Frogs fell to the DePaul Blue Demons Tuesday night 61-54 at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.
Other sports news
Weekend Sports Follow-up

TCU considers conference change

Frogs bring in C-USA honors
The best in entertainment
2003 was a year of great music, shows and movies, here are a few that stood out among the rest
The future is now showing
New theater captures moviegoers’ interest

It’s a toss up when going to the movies. Do you drive farther to look for a parking spot almost aimlessly and sit next to strangers, or do you go close by and sit in an almost 90 degree angle seat with no cup holders, and your feet glued to the ground because of the coke that spilled last week and the JuJuBes that some punk kid put in his mouth and then threw to see if it would stick to anything. But really, it’s a tossup.

At least it was until December when Rave Motion Pictures opened The Rave, the hot new spot for moviegoers.
Kutcher stars, succeeds in new thriller

The butterfly effect [n]- the phenomenon whereby a small change at one place in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.
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