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Friday, January 16, 2004
Frog Fountain
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Many profs satisfied with candidates
Nowell Donovan, Arthur Herriott and Michael Mezey would all make excellent provosts for TCU, professors interviewed said. Faculty members have been talking about the three finalists since they were announced last week.

University faculty members say all three finalists for the position of provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs are qualified candidates.

Last week, TCU geology chairman Nowell Donovan, Florida International University chemistry professor Arthur Herriott and DePaul University Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Michael Mezey were announced as the front-runners to replace current provost William Koehler when he retires at the end of the school year.
Taking initiative
Improvements to area around TCU should help with parking, housing

City Council decisions will allow mixed-use development on the south side of Berry Street in an effort to appeal to private investors.
Courtesy of the city of Fort Worth
The Berry Street of today (top) digitally remastered by city planners (bottom) to give a glimpse into what the future might hold.
Other news
Anti-virus software crucial for students

Wireless Internet scheduled to arrive on campus this semester

Thursday’s Campus Lines was incorrect. May 2004 degree candidates should file their Intent to Graduate forms promptly to their academic dean. All names of degree candidates must be submitted to the Registrar by Feb. 9.
SuperFrog’s debut draws attention
Snoop Dogg helps TCU gain name recognition
Editor’s note: Several editors disagreed with Thursday’s SuperFrog editorial. Here is their rebuttal.

Yay! SuperFrog was in Nokia commercials with Snoop Dogg.
Yay! The commercial was seen by 100 million people.
Students should embrace their inner advocate

Has anyone noticed that high school and college-aged people get stuck with all the blame?
Other opinions
U.S. to phase out M-16
Frogs prepare for weekend cat fight
After two conference wins, the Frogs head to Cincinnati to face one of the hottest teams in college basketball.

The men’s basketball team is currently enjoying the first time it has ever been above .500 in the Conference USA standings.
Quick Facts
ONTAP this weekend

• Swim and dive: 7 p.m. vs. Houston, University Recreation Center

• Men’s basketball: 6 p.m. @ No. 7 Cincinnati, Fifth-Third Arena
• Swim and dive: 11 a.m. vs. Florida/New Mexico State, University Recreation Center
• Track: All day, Oklahoma Indoor Classic, Norman, OK

• Women’s basketball:
2 p.m. vs. No. 24 Houston, Daniel-Meyer Coliseum
The best in entertainment
2003 was a year of great music, shows and movies, here are a few that stood out among the rest
Best in music:
Songs and albums that made it in our changers (or MP3 players) more than any others.
Best shows:
Great diversions from work and studying.
Other features
Best movies
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