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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
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Family Matters
Boschini makes wife and kids a priority
Responsibilities at work and home keep Chancellor Boschini running, day after day.

He has spent seven months in his new Fort Worth home, but Victor Boschini’s closet is still unorganized.

The university’s 10th chancellor does not have much time to arrange his clothing. In addition to TCU commitments, Boschini also juggles demands as a husband and father.
Boschini family
Stephen Spillman/ Staff Photographer
The Boschinis: (left to right) Elizabeth, Margaret, wife Megan, Edward, dad (Boschini), and Mary Catherine.
Stage West thrives in new location

Theater officials say its new location in the cultural district will allow for musicals. Its previous location on University Drive was a converted movie theater.
Other news
Former athlete to be re-tried in March
Redistricting cause for anger
Change could make Texas a one-party state

Texas Democrats are angry, and they have a right to be. Republicans have only one more step to take before stealing as many as six congressional seats after a federal court upheld their maniacal redistricting plan.
Imperfections found with the Atkins diet

Many Americans, despite having an above average lifespan, also have severe health problems. One of the most serious is obesity.

Other opinions
Anxious, girls? Take initiative!

Changes can alter outlook on life

Frogs win at buzzer

HOUSTON – TCU overcame an early 14-point deficit to beat the University of Houston 55-54 thanks to Chudi Chinweze’s put back in the final second on Tuesday night at Hofheinz Pavilion.

New basketball practice facility gives programs boost, coaches say

The new basketball practice facility will allow TCU to recruit top athletes, some say, because its shows the university’s commitment to basketball.

The worst in entertainment
From TV to headlines, 2003 was packed with things we hoped to leave behind when the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve. Now we take a look back at the entertainment moments you love to hate.
Hollywood pitches no-hitters

Though movies can be pretty worthwhile for their action, comedy and sex, the producers of these movies seemed to be missing their muse while deciding which clips to leave on the cutting room floor. They should have cut the whole thing.
Pop, politics and power couples

Everyone heard about these, some sooner than later, but they all raised a question, an eyebrow or a high five.
Other features
Please, do touch that dial

Must-not-see TV lineup
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