Board fulfills campus needs
Trustees focus on improving athletic, music centers in Friday meeting.
Concerts mix Taiwanese, U.S. culture
Student cooks
take to oven for
Marriott bake-off
Changes to BSM support community
Baptist minister position made permanent in hopes of better student interaction.

Jennifer Klein/SKIFF STAFF

Kelsey Glaser (left), daughter of associate professor of graphic design Louis Glaser, and Jennifer Cross, an Alpha Phi Omega member and a freshman premajor, crouch under a table during a game of Sardines on Saturday in the Rickel basement. APO took care of several children during the organization's annual Professors' Night Out event.

Hitchhiker's Guide
How to get home without Sunday shuttle
Games renew sense of youth
College involves learning responsibility, too
People often awarded for heroism when none exists

Men's basketball team manages 94-85 victory
Frogs complete turnaround with romp
Final-game victory gives team sixth winning season in 33 years.
Report Card


Junior guard Shannon Long slams one home over Arkansas State Monday night at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum. The Frogs defeated the Indians 94-85.

Purple Poll: Ham or turkey?
Ham: 21 Turkey: 79


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