Renovated areas to open soon
TCU ahead of the game
Campus adhered to law about record access before it even passed.
Campus keepsakes
Collections provide interesting, enjoyable hobby
Technology makes observatory obsolete


Jazz great Maynard Ferguson makes a joke about microphone feedback during his visit to TCU Wednesday afternoon. Ferguson gave critiques of the TCU Jazz Band in Ed Landreth Hall Auditorium.

Social Problems
Replacing trailers should be priority
Real-life horror scariest of all
Don't let crime get you down; take a look around
President Clinton deserves public support and sympathy

Women's soccer team bound for WAC tourney
Women's tennis triumphs at invitational
Batteaux should continue to play as main quarterback

Photo by John Shaw/SKIFF STAFF

Patrick Batteaux evades defenders in Saturday's loss to Colorado State.

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