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October 24, 2000



The merits of early voting currently debated

Voting goes online
Proposal made to end paper ballots

Irish-born poet to speak
Higgins overcomes hardships to succeed in writing

Dirty dozen
Cadets endure dirt and sweat to place at competition

Hanging out

Lauri Brooker, a freshman political science major, and Lindsay Simm, a sophomore psychology major, hang signs in Jarvis Hall Monday night as part of the residence hall’s Homecoming Decorating Committee.



Debates don’t ease indecision
Limited discussion leads to blurred presidential decision

Green Party hides its political truths from public

Wait and See
Early voting may not be best idea





Lending a helping hand
Parents found school for children with Down syndrome



Lindsey Marshall, 13, and Kristin Jewell, 11, both students at Green Oaks School, read children’s books to students at the Rise School. Green Oaks School is specifically designed for children, ages 11 to 14, with Down syndrome. As a part of the Starpoint School, the Rise School is for children from 18 months to 6-years-old with Down syndrome.




picking off a win
Frogs’ top-ranked defense leads team to 11th straight win

Offense sputters to season’s lowest output



Tulsa World
Senior tailback LaDainian Tomlinson is corralled by Tulsa’s Da’Mond Robinson in the first half at Skelly Stadium in Tulsa, Okla., Saturday.


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