September 1, 2000



Facility facelift
Old deans’ offices remodeled, new offices created

Accident lands faculty member in hospital
Graves breaks wrist, left leg; will take 6 to 8 weeks to heal

Brite Divinity housing to open behind schedule in 2001
Internet, cable services raise price of apartments

On the air


Kelli Edwards, a sophomore radio-TV-film major, receives on-air training for KTCU-FM on Thursday afternoon.



Warning signs
Be aware of prevention programs

Torch pranks disrespectful
Olympics should not be disgraced by protests

Reality shows set wrong sample of behavior
'Survivor' and 'Big Brother' highlight liars and schemers in quest for victory

Person's life is too short, precious to be taken for granted


Arts & Entertainment

Legacy Unveiled: Stroganoff
Kimbell hosts art works of Russian noble family

Eve 6 - Horrorscope
CD Review

Convicts scheme to make millions a novel idea
GrishamÕs new book introduces audiences to yet another captivating thriller

Movie Review

Also on display is the Malachite Coupe, a green bowl-shaped stone supported by three bronzed-glided women, which stands several feet high. This is the first time it has left Russia since it was created in 1810.



Frogs possible replacement in Classic
BCA officials seek opponent for No. 10 Virginia Tech.

Paving the Way
Offensive line clears way for Tomlinson by working together

Volley Frogs open season this weekend
Team will rely on veterans, newcommers this year


Purple Poll:

Are you leaving town for Labor Day weekend?

Yes: 48 No: 52

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