April 27, 2000


Napster re-blocked at 2 schools
Action comes after band files copyright lawsuit

New online literary magazine premiers
Montage provides an outlet for creative writers

Pushing pedals
Two students bike across nation to benefit children, philanthropy

Students to help clean up Berry Street
College prep
Adoption program provides interaction between high-schoolers, TCU students
UCC plans $5.7 million renovation
TCU opens its doors to church during project

Warm-up exercises


Dance students rehearse for Senior Studios, a presentation of works choreographed by seniors. The performance starts today and will last until Sunday.


Rings and Rights
Gay marriage not simply a privilege

College flawed by grading policy
University learning must be reserved for those mature enough to appreciate it

Clinging to college memories won't help grad face future

Learning occurs through outside pursuits, not in classroom


This Pub's for you
Nearby bar fosters a good-time environment

CD review
The Clash: "From Here to Eternity"

Musical portrays biblical era in contemporary light
From prostitutes to drug dealers, 'Jesus Christ Superstar' proves entertaining, enlightening
Under the gun
Gun control restricts Second Amendment right
Solution to today's gun violence ... total control


Title IX
TCU lags behind in Title IX compliance,
officials say changes are slow but forthcoming

Searching for a level playing field
Title IX brings more women to the plate, but many schools are still striking out

Title IX fosters athleticism
but ultimately fouls out

Purple Poll:

Have you been to a woman's sporting event this semester?

Yes: 19  No: 81


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