April 20, 2000


Wage hike draws mixed responses
Longer-term workers question wage disparity, others pleased

Board wants to raise alumni gifts by 2 percent
Officials say increase may not seem like much but would help maintain budget

Veteran news reporter to speak on campus
Daniel Schorr to ask all attendees to 'Forgive Us Our Press Passes'

Group discusses transfer credits
Ranch Management Task Force also emphasizes recruitment

The big switch


Chancellor Michael Ferrari switches places with C.J. Striebinger, a junior finance and marketing major, for "The Big Switch," which took place Wednesday. Striebinger took on the role of the chancellor, while Ferrari posed as a student for the day.


Earth Eco-nomics
Cost to protect environment is not too high

Someone's got to rock the boat
Faultfinding may save the world from alien enslavement, capri pants

Spending must 'venture' past the business school

Thanks & spanks


The bell tolls for environmental awareness, education
TERRA, Roots and Shoots' Earth Day observation brings national issue to campus

Origins of Easter
Celebration of spring holiday combines
Christian, non-religious symbolism


Campus to host first meet at new complex
Five teams from the area expected to compete at inaugural invitational at Lowden track

Tight end in tight fix should run football field, not mouth

'Hitting' the mark
Groomer breaks TCU record for number of times hit by ball
Men's tennis team to close out season on road against Tulsa

Hillary Morgan/SKIFF STAFF

Junior hurdler Jason Howard prepares for this weekend's meet at TCU. The TCU Invitational, which starts Saturday, is the first ever meet held on campus.

Purple Poll:

Are you going home for the holiday weekend?

Yes: 51  No: 49


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