March 11,1999

Fire claims Ale House
Blaze sparked by hot embers causes $400,000 in damages
Students, police discuss escort options
Russian class to return
Mladenka to teach introductory courses
House reps to work toward more contact with residents
Spring Break means rest and drinking responsibly

Fire Department officials said the damage to the Ale House following a fire yesterday was extensive, with a preliminary estimate of $400,000. The Ale House is owned by TCU alumni Jeff Tucker and John Christensen.

Ode to an Ale House
Hang out lost to fire will be missed
Bozo is not just a clown
Face paint is a facade, not the real person behind it
Inability to empathize hurts
student-professor relations
Letters to the Editor

Frogs battle the odds - and win
Intramurals wraps up basketball


Round One:

TCU 72, Kansas State, 71

Round Two:

TCU vs. Nebraska

Time, date and place TBA


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Will you miss the Ale House?
Yes: 49 No: 45 Huh? 6


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