April 6,1999

Conflict in Kosovo
Campus watches, waits for resolution
Warming up
Psychology students help kids talk through grief
Senate debates syllabi, increased involvement

Rolling along
Taking advantage of Monday's warm weather, freshmen Bonny Maynard, a premajor, Sorel Dengo, a business major, and Irene Puky, a biology major, rollerblade near the library.

Get over it
Baseball bias must end
Girls can wear the pants, too
Spirituality goes virtual
Internet worship lacks community involvement; real church attendance fulfills religious needs
Prerequisites important building blocks that teach
students necessary basics

Tennis team beats Tulsa
Relay team breaks meet record
Lady Frogs place high

The baseball team swept Brigham Young University last weekend to hold onto first place in the Western Athletic Conference. The team plays a non-conference game at 2:35 p.m. today at the TCU Diamond.

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