April 1,1999

Leaders from Argentina to visit
Ranch management discussions part of agreement
Facelift or renovation?
Consultants consider Student Center's future
Global school
New classes in Russian, music to prep students for world market
Wind symphony plays at Carnegie
Students say life at Biosphere 2 more than science

Making a racket
Doubles partners junior Stacey Sabala and senior Rachel Niwa play against Brigham Young in Saturday's match, which TCU won, 5-4. The women's tennis team will challenge the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma this weekend.

Hitting Home
Crisis in Kosovo can't be ignored
Kosovo conflict takes on new meaning for student
Net dating shouldn't be viewed as pathetic
Housing conspiracy forces students into marriage

PCs rule today's market
They may be 'best of show,' but they're here to stay
Computer users divided
Macintosh and PC have symbolic representation
Macintosh and Windows: which one bytes?
Consumer must check facts to decide which best suits needs


Rec sports season isn't over yet
Huskies should learn some respect

The men's lacrosse team, above, is ranked second in its division after beating Texas Tech last weekend.

Purple Poll:
Do you agree with NATO bombing Kosovo?
Yes: 34  No: 50
Huh? 16


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