March 5,1999

Senate debates early statement
Crossing Cultures
Foreign students embrace new context, new country
Students taste world cuisine at ISA International Week
Former AD continues work with athletics
TCU Through the Decades 1950-1960
Moving ahead in academics, size

Crossing Cultures

Mission: TCU
Student input would improve statement
Recycling more feasible than reducing consumption
'Yumminess' severely lacking in food from Main
Sidewalks provide students with lessons in conformity, sore feet

Tennis earns win
Tough competition improves team
Frogs hopeful for meet
Flyin' Frogs confident about NCAA contest

Women's basketball head coach Mike Petersen is welcomed home from the WAC tournament. The team returned to Fort Worth Thursday night to waiting family, friends and fans outside Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.

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Did you watch the Monica Lewinsky interview on 20/20 Wednedsay night?
Yes: 37 No: 63


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