March 3, 1999

House extends ties, builds budget
New committee, improvements addressed
Reps decide which programs will get extra money
Ticket isn't final word
Students can appeal parking, traffic violations
Man of the world
Retiring Mladenka welcomes foreign students

Jennifer Cross, a freshman premajor, flies a kite in front of Sherley Hall during Tuesday's blustery conditions.

Resolution Respite
House should do more than complain
Spring Break is more than getting puked on
Giving doesn't always equal generosity
Time ticks tyrannically and determines our lives
Originally intended to serve, clocks are now devices of slavery

To party or not to party
Political parties are very necessary evils
Team loyalty makes issues last priority
Third parties help us broaden our horizons
More 'radical' views of smaller political groups help to bring important issues to our attention

Frogs eliminated in WAC tournament
Swinging away
Lady Frogs place fourth in tourney
3 swimming records set in Oklahoma
Frogs find victory on home courts

A Hawai'i player swings at a pitch in Saturday's baseball game against TCU. The Frogs won the game, 8-7, over 14th-ranked Hawai'i.

Purple Poll:
Which political party do you support?
Republican: 44
Democrat: 24
Independent: 9
Other: 3
None: 20


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