February 18,1999

Fort Worth bids for WAC games
Foster to go co-ed soon
Students discuss plans for renovation with architects
Discussions of retirement options to begin
Turning 21
PC makes plans for SuperFrog's 21st birthday to include Tripping Daisy

Tuneful twosome
Johnny Ferraro, a freshman premajor, and Kevin Libick, a freshman speech communication major, make the most of spring weather to strum and sing on the lawn in front of Clark Hall.

Binge and Cringe
Responsibility can dilute drinking perils
Real-world prep limiting
Modern-day TV depicts 'real' family life
Student ponders aspects of music and sports

Baseball team wins in shootout
Weekend hands multiple losses to clubs
Here go the others

The rugby team and the women's lacrosse team are two of several club sports that competed last weekend, with both teams losing their games to Texas Tech and Texas A&M, respectively. They both return to home action on Feb. 27. Men's lacrosse also competed last weekend, losing to two top-25 teams in a round-robin tournament.

Purple Poll:
If you don't already live in a co-ed dorm, would you like to?
Yes: 79 No: 21


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