February 12, 1999

Tech center plans almost done
Berry approaches topic with humor
Alumna returns to serve
Love and charity mix as auction earns big bucks
Burnett gives gift for new library

Camp representatives seek out prospective couselors in the Student Center Lounge Thursday. Camps offer a unique experience for college students looking for outdoor summer employment.

Waffle plot
Cool shapes distract students
Fight against stereotypes
Greenspan: Secret Agent 008?
Today's society looks for heroes in a world of high expectations
Letters to the editor

Guys, at least we have sports
Frogs claim victory, crush
Lady Frogs finish ninth
Golf coach stresses discipline, practice
Women's team opens with victory

Senior center Lee Nailon puts up a shot in TCU's 102-85 victory over Wyoming Thursday night at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum. Nailon scored 21 points in the contest despite playing only 23 minutes.

Couples offer love advice
On-staff mates make university a family affair
Don't mope, have fun
Treat her to special day
Flirting has scientific element
What's In A Rose?

Chancellor Michael Ferrari steals a kiss from his wife, Jan. Students and faculty alike are taking advantage of the holiday set aside for that special someone.

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