Feburary 10, 1999

Breaking Ground
Brite's $7-million housing complex to open in 2000
House allots $300 for convention
Cheap meals
Fast-food discounts attract students
Guitarist to follow class with concert
Touched by God
Aldridge a blessing to fellow students
Artist's work a continuum

TCU officials break ground Tuesday for the Leibrock Village, a $7-million apartment complex for Brite Divinity School students and their families. Nathan Digby, moderator for Brite Student Government, speaks at the ceremony.

Majority Rules
House funds should help many students
More than a cocaine nation
Colombia's assets should make it the 51st state
The life and death of young Nigel, the fly
Organ donation not based on sense, but heart

Moment of choice is here
Scandal mirrors Watergate
Clinton's behavior of average man, let's forgive, student says

Flyin' Frogs excel in Houston
Rifle team ready for sectionals

Purple Poll:
Do you think the media has treated Clinton fairly?
Yes: 44 No: 44 Undecided: 3
Better than he deserves: 9


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