February 5,1999

Sorority seeks chapter on campus
Curran guides students
His dances tell the story of people's lives
Bivin to judge famous show
Institute to host local leaders for discussions
Decade surprisingly similar to now

Sean Curran auditions TCU dancers and trains them for a performance tonight in the Orchestra Hall.
A guest artist from
New York, he is in Fort Worth for one week
to work with
TCU's dancers.

Diversity has to start at the top
Don't fear the year 2000
What does 'no' mean to you?
Credit card companies hound poor college students
Saying 'I love you' is a promise, not an obligation

Baseball begins play with doubleheader
No prestige lost for No. 3 class in Texas
Here go the others

The Horned Frog baseball team, shown here in a game last season, begins its 1999 season today in Laredo, Texas.

Purple Poll:
Do you prefer Nintendo 64, Playstation, other or neither?
Nintendo 64: 31
Playstation: 27
Other: 7
Neither: 35


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